About Us

In 2017, Massimo Stabilini, founded Sinclair Capital and entered a strategic partnership with Atypical Partner, a digitally led platform that attracts top entrepreneurial talent in the asset management industry. The Firm’s flagship, Sinclair Capital M&A Opportunities Fund, was launched in January 2018 and is designed to invest in liquid, low volatility, decorrelated and asymmetric opportunities in developed markets.

Prior to launching Sinclair Capital, Massimo spent six years as a key senior executive in the London office at Paulson & Co, a US$10bn hedge fund, overseeing investments in event-driven equities, special situations and distressed debt. Prior to that, Massimo spent 3 years as an M&A banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, New York and in other corporate roles.  Massimo holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a business degree from LUISS Guido Carli.

The strategy focuses on a specific long/short subset of opportunities with a strong bias towards;

  • Asymmetric payoffs with limited downside and potentially significant upside
  • European situations, where the Fund has higher than average exposure, local expertise in Europe
  • Small & Mid Cap arena profiting in an uncrowded space, with direct access to management and bankers

The strategy applies a fundamental approach to hard event driven investing; value, merger arbitrage, special situations, shorts & hedging form part of the broad investment strategy.The portfolio is diversified, with 25-30 key unique positions and structured with the intention of limiting downside volatility, thus constraining appetite for more directional situations and hedging prudently.

The Firm offers two investment vehicles: a RAIF Luxembourg fund with monthly liquidity and a UCITS Luxembourg Fund with daily liquidity.